director | dramaturg | producer

Hideous Progeny

by Emily Dendinger

LiveWire Chicago Theatre | Summer 2010

One of the first things that struck me about this script the opportunity to see the lives of the Romantics from a new perspective. We're able to see these kids being just that - kids - with way too much privilege, having way too much sex, and not holding on to a whole lot of sense.

We decided to look at these famous artists through a contemporary, feminine lens, drawing inspiration from the ennui and intrigue of the oh-it's-just-so-bad-that-it's-fantastic TV series, Gossip Girl.
photos by John W. Sisson Jr.
Patrick King
Madeline Long
Tom McGrath
Danielle O'Farrell
John Taflan
Hilary Williams 

Scenic Design Team:
Anders Jacobson & Judy Radovsky
Lighting Designer: Eric Branson
Costume Designer: Laura Kollar
Sound Designer: Sarah Ramos
Properties Designer: Maria DeFabo
Stage Manager: Dianna Driscoll
ASM: Brittany Bugge
Production Manager: Cory Conrad
Technical Director: Steve Brackett
Dramaturg: Benno Nelson
We made a series of three Gossip Girl-inspired trailers. Here's the one we titled "Mad, Bad, and Dangerous to Know."

trailer by Joshua Weinstein
"...director Hutchinson once again proves herself adept at orchestrating both lively ensemble work and quietly devastating moments between men and women in relationships."
- Zac Thompson | Time Out Chicago