director | dramaturg | producer

Orange Flower Water

by Craig Wright

BackStage Theatre Company | Winter 2010

I was thrilled to work with BackStage Theatre Comany and a fantastic ensemble cast. This piece is darker and differently intimate than text I had engaged to this point in my work. The challenge of seeking light in the midst of that darkness was exciting, difficult, necessary. This production continues to remind me to grapple with those seemingly opposite forces to uncover truth in the tension between them.
photos by Heath Hays
Tony Bozzuto
Jason Huysman
Maggie Kettering
Shelley Nixon

Stage Manager:  Tara Malpass
Scenic Design Team:
Jessica Kuehnau and Brandon Wardell
Sound Designer:  Heath Hays
Lighting Designer:  Jared Moore
Costume Designer:  Laura B. Kollar
"'s the performances that distinguish Jessica Hutchinson's production..."
- Zac Thompson | Chicago Reader
"Hutchinson’s staging in the round, centering on a bed that rotates from scene to scene, mirrors the unstable negotiations of the two couples."
- John Beer | Time Out Chicago