director | dramaturg | producer

'ratio: a workshop

narrative text by David Turkel, visual text by William Anderson

UTNT (UT New Theatre) | Spring 2014

Collaborating with David, Bill, and a remarkable cast of UT actors on this exploration of a dark and bloody Denmark that blooms in the wake of Hamlet was one of my most revelatory, challenging, and satisfying projects at UT Austin. We spoke of my work as the creation of a physical text that was interwoven withe the narrative and visual texts created by David and Bill, and then spoke to the media text created by Daniel. The process was open, vulnerable, a little messy, and one of which I'm extremely proud.
photos by Lawrence Peart, Courtsey of the University of Texas at Austin 
Julia Bauer
Bret Finholt
Joanna Horowitz
Stephen Mabry
Keith Machekanyanga
Devin Medley
Juliet Robb
Shae Tomlinson
Abigail Vela
Bria Washington

Stage Manager: Drea Olivares
Media Text: Daniel Berkowitz