director | dramaturg | producer

Six Years

by Sharr White

New Leaf Theatre | Fall 2008

Tracking the lives of a collection of characters for one of the most turbulent and transformational quarter centuries of our country's history was a huge challenge both in terms of guiding a stellar cast and making bold design choices. Intense, honest, naturalistic scenes gave way to jumps of six years and gave us the opportunity to continue our storytelling in the transitions between each moment. What could have been a laborious process in our small static space became an extension of the journey - for actors and audience alike.

Six Years allowed me to experiment with new ways to keep the story's ball in the air, and served to deepen my desire to avoid the blackout transition whenever possible.
photos by Lindsay Theo
Sean Patrick Fawcett
Marsha Harman
Christian Heep
Kevin Gladish
Mary Jo Bolduc
Darci Nalepa
Chris Carr

Asst. Director: Kyra Lewandowski
Dramaturg: Megan McClain
Set & Props Designer: Michelle Lilly
Lighting Designer: Jared Moore
Sound Designer: Nick Keenan
Costume Designer: Rachel Sypniewski
Box Office: Marni Keenan
Stage Manager: Amanda Frechette 

"...Hutchinson’s small-but-searing production is fittingly claustrophobic; with the audience seated in the round, we feel trapped in the family’s living room and party to their dissection."
- Zac Thompson | Time Out Chicago
"...the riveting chemistry between Fawcett and Harman makes us believe that these two have endured the worst years of their lives together without completely losing their souls."

- Kerry Reid | Chicago Reader